The Dalahome personalised decorations and accessories make a perfect gift for a christening, birthday
or other special occasion. They are made and painted the same way as the other Dalahome decorations
but with a hand painted name or initial of your choice, using traditional Swedish lettering.

Chunky Initialled Hearts - Price £12.50

Simply hanging from a window latch or cupboard door. Pine hearts 10cm high and 15mm thick.

  • Chunky Heart
    P01.Chunky Heart
  • Chunky Heart - blue
    P02.Chunky Heart
  • Chunky Heart - blue
    P03.Chunky Heart
  • Chunky Heart - white
    P04.Chunky Heart
  • Chunky Heart - baby pink
    P05.Chunky Heart

Baby Garland - Price £23.50 or £29.50

Made with 5 or 7 stars, hearts and horses. Ideal for hanging in a child’s bedroom.
5 piece garland - 1.4m long, 7 piece garland - 1.8m long. Made in birch wood.

  • blue garland
    P06.Baby Garland
  • Baby garland
  • Baby garland - pink
    P07.Baby Garland
  • Baby garland - pink

Chunky Initials and Wall Hangings - Prices, see below.

Personalised individual letters or words mounted on birch wood struts to make for a striking wall hanging or leaning.
Individual initials 21cm high. DREAM 21cm high 98cm long. BATH 26cm high 93cm long. LOVE 26cm high 91cm long.
All letters are 12mm thick made in birch wood.

  • BATH wall hanging
    P08. DREAM £90
  • Initials
    P09.Initials £19.50
  • BATH wall hanging
    P10.BATH £75
  • Initials
    P11. Initials £19.50
  • Chunky Heart - baby pink
    P12. LOVE £75

*Sizes are approximate