The Dalahome decorations and accessories are hand painted using pine or birch wood
sourced from Scandinavia. They are painted with quality Swedish paint to produce timeless
pieces that age beautifully. The hanging decorations are finished with Swedish cotton ribbon.

Hanging hearts, horses and stars - Price £6.50

Christmas tree decorations or simply hanging from a window latch or cupboard door. Horses and hearts 9cm high and 6mm thick.
Stars 12cm high and 6mm thick. All made in birch wood.

  • white horse
  • red star
  • gery heart
  • red horse
  • white star
  • blue star
  • grey horse
    D07. Horse
  • red heart
    D08. Heart
  • grey horse
    D09. Horse
  • white  heart
  • white horse
  • red horse
  • Star
  • Horse
  • Horse

Hanging Doves - Price £6.50

Christmas tree decorations or simply hanging from a window latch or cupboard door.
9cm high, 13cm wide and 6mm thick. All made in birch wood

  • hanging dove 1
    D16. Dove
  • hanging dove 2
    D17. Dove
  • hanging dove 3
    D18. Dove
  • hanging dove 4
    D19. Dove

Christmas Decorations - Prices, see below

D20. Large Christmas heart (mistletoe or dot design) £34.50 An alternative to a Christmas wreath, hang on a door or wall. 33cm high.
D21. Stand up Dove £17.50 To decorate any flat surface. Lovely as seasonal decoration or all year round. 17cm high.
D22. Garland. £23.50 or £29.50. Made with stars and hearts. Ideal for hanging across a fireplace.
5 piece garland - 1.4m long, 7 piece garland - 1.8m long.
D23. Large Mistletoe heart. Price £15.50. A hanging chunky decoration. Lovely hanging from a cupboard or wall. 15cm high.
D20 and D22 made in birch wood. D21 and D23 made in pine wood.

  • christmas heart
    D20.Large christmas heart
  • stand up dove
    D21. Stand up Dove
  • christmas garland
    D22. Christmas garland
  • Mistletoe heart
    D23.Large mistletoe heart

Chunky Stand Up Horses - £9.50, £13.50 and £16.50

Look lovely on a bookcase, window sill or table top. All designs available in 3 sizes. 9cm high, 13cm high, 18cm high. Made in pine wood.

  • stand up horse 1
    D24. Horse
  • stand up horse 2
  • stand up horse 3
  • Chunky Patterned Heart - Price £12.50

    Ideal hanging from a cupboard door or window latch. Pine hearts 10cm high and 15mm thick

    • chunky heart
    • chunky heart2
    • chunky  heart 3
    • chunky heart 4
*Sizes are approximate